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Week 2 – What are those carvings?

The first full week back at work in 2018 and I have had to think a little more carefully about my daily walking goals. As a full time teacher I get plenty of … [Read More...]

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Week 1 – A great start!

First week of a new year. First week (or part of a week at least!) back in school. First week to walk some miles towards the #walk1000miles challenge. First year I plan to do the 1000 miles ‘boots on’. After my first walk of the year in Essex on Monday (4.02 miles), on Tuesday I […]

2018 – A New Challenge

So it seems that 2017 was a year of not posting (oh dear!) about any of my walks. However, I not only did lots of walking, but I set myself a new target, which I have mostly kept to since 1st June 2017. I have been following the #walk1000miles challenge for the past three years […]