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Walks around Nowton Park

Nowton Park is owned by St Edmundsbury Council and covers almost 200 acres which was landscaped over 100 years ago. The park was once part of the Oakes family … [Read More...]

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2015 Update and a new start in 2016

Ok I admit it – I rather fell off the posting side of this blog after the first three months last year 🙁 However, on the brighter side I did keep on walking. Perhaps not as much as I would like to have done, but better than in previous years, so I am giving myself […]

Caution: This path may be slippy in wet conditions.

St David’s Day and a bright, sunny but windy morning. We were finally able to take a walk, suggested by a friend, along the former railway line at Lavenham. We had hoped to take this walk last weekend, but we were unable to get out on Saturday and so had done a shorter local walk […]