Walks around Nowton Park


Pond in Nowton Park

Nowton Park is owned by St Edmundsbury Council and covers almost 200 acres which was landscaped over 100 years ago. The park was once part of the Oakes family estate and is now a wonderful place for leisure and recreation.

It is a place we have visited many times. When the children were small they loved to run around amongst the trees and to use up their energy in the play area. As they got older our son would take part in football training on the all weather pitches. Now it is a place that I enjoy walking around with both my husband and my friends.

I have already taken a couple of rather muddy walks around the perimeter of the park, a distance of about 2 miles, but I have also walked into the park from outside, so my mileage has been increased.

The beauty of the park lies in its variety. Last week, volunteers were busy planting young trees

Planting Saplings

Planting Saplings in Nowton Park

and the sun shone beautifully on the snowdrops and some of the 100,000 daffodils which are beginning to turn the The Lime Avenue bright yellow.


Snowdrops in Nowton Park


Daffodils in The Lime Avenue at Nowton Park

It is a place for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy. I have pushed my elderly aunt around in her wheelchair before we visited the cafe for a light lunch. On Saturday mornings there is a regular park run and I have run around the park whilst competing in the Race for Life. Although there is a small parking charge it is a great place to visit in all seasons and one that I shall continue to enjoy, with its wildlife ponds, arboretum and a maze in the summer.

Often some of the best walks are on our doorstep.

Walk: 3.42 miles

Walk total this year: 28.29 miles

Overall total daily mileage: 205.8 miles

On My Doorstep

St Edmundsbury Cathedral.

St Edmundsbury Cathedral.

After yesterday’s rain, today’s sunshine revived my spirits and as I had to take a trip into town, I decided to walk rather than taking the car and paying for parking (though parking is free after 3pm on a Tuesday!).

Bury St Edmunds is a beautiful market town with its medieval grid of houses, a new shopping complex but also streets of independent shops, the Abbey and is named in the Telegraph as the 13th best place in the country to bring up a family. No wonder I love living here.

Safe footpaths and cycle paths lead into town and a walk through the spacious Abbey Gardens always lifts my spirirts.

Safe footpath / cyclepath into town.

Safe footpath / cyclepath into town.

Abbey Gardens - Dovecote

Abbey Gardens – The Dovecote in the Abbot’s Garden.

Walking through the varied shopping streets and up to Moyse’s Hall Museum, the oldest building in town, a former gaol and police station which has been on the market place since 1180.

Angel Hill

Angel Hill

Moyse's Hall Museum.

Moyse’s Hall Museum.

Back through the historic grid to the Norman Tower which houses the cathedral bells and down to the River Lark through No Man’s Meadows.

The Norman Tower

The Norman Tower housing the cathedral bells.

No Man's Meadows

No Man’s Meadows Local Nature Reserve.

Past the Rugby Club and alongside The Leg of Mutton field, which had been one of the vineyards for the Abbey in the 13th Century and has recently been the heated subject of possible development.

Bury Rugby Club.

Bury Rugby Club.

The Leg of Mutton field.

The Leg of Mutton field.

Almost 4 and a half miles on a bright, sunny afternoon. What better way to spend some time recharging my batteries during half term?

Today’s walk: 4.44 miles

Walk total this year: 28.21 miles

Overall total daily mileage: 161.97 miles